Monday, December 20, 2010

Verse Novel Challenge!

I did it!

I read 5 verse novels
in the past 2 months.

Now all I want
to do
write and speak
in verse.

I hope it doesn't get annoying,
but I am in love.

Here's what I read in order:
1. Far From You
2. Out of the Dust
3. Heartbeat
4. What My Mother Doesn't Know
5. What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know

Want to join me?
Of course you do!
Drop by Caroline by line
to enter and win a copy
of her new verse novel

Monday, September 6, 2010

1920s Wedding

Farmer Joel's family put on another beautiful and creative wedding. Paper lanterns hung from strings of white lights above and glorious garden flowers surrounded us. Every detail was perfect from beverages served in Mason jars out of an old bathtub to a silver fringed flapper (Joel's little sister) singing into an old time microphone. It felt like we had traveled back in a time machine.

The beautiful couple

Dancing lessons from a very cool Uncle (drum lessons were also included)!Amazing food from the Co op Instead of a wedding cake, the happy couples' friends made pies!
Here we are in our 1920s costumes. It was so much fun to dress up!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Farewell to Summer...

Outdoor Tea Parties & Fashion Shows

Trampoline + Sprinkler = Giggles!

Wonderful memories with Grands and Great-Grands

Adventures on the Palouse

“How sweet I roamed from field to field, and tasted all the summer's pride.”
~William Blake~

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Entrapment--GREAT parenting article

I found this really thought provoking blog post on Dare to Disciple about entrapment, how as parents we often set up an adversarial relationship with our kids (assuming they will do wrong and trapping them in that "wrong" act). I love this grace-filled perspective and advice for really listening to our kids and teaching them a better way through our own thoughtful actions and words. Particularly in context of Noelle's unique emotional needs, I'm always looking for ways to improve my parenting skills and found this to be helpful.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beneath the Terebinth Tree

As our women's bible study group went through the story of Sarah in Genesis, I was struck by the words "Terebinth tree". It sounded like something mysterious and beautiful and I wondered if it had any significance to the story.

The Terebinth was an unusually tall oak-like tree that stood out in the landscape of Palestine, even used as landmarks for travelers. They are long-living and majestic in appearance, often used as a symbol of strength and durability. It was also a source of turpentine tapped from the trunk, for commercial and medicinal use.

Perhaps with all that Sarah had been through, all of the waiting, traveling and trials, the Terebinth near their campsite in Mamre was a comfort to her. Perhaps reminding her of God's strength and provision.

This is my imagining of that moment:

Beneath the Terebinth Tree

From dusty tent Sarai, head down,
walks slowly, seeking peace.
Touching bark reverently, gazing up
through branches broad, stretching heavenward.
Majestic, full of grace,
the tree is strong and steadfast as the Lord.

Thoughts roam back, find well-worn paths:
Even good men make foolish mistakes;
strength and youth of men fade away.
The tree endures, with powerful limbs protecting,
providing shelter.
What comfort to a woman travel weary, disillusioned.
Struggling, bitter against husband
whose dreams she follows,

Waiting for prophecy fulfilling
and aching to cease.
The tree is a soothing balm
for soul worn out, no tears
Regretful of rash decision,
jealous of another quickly blessed.
Heart sick from hope deferred.

Dare she believe?
Empty womb, alive and bearing
longed for son.
Sarah laughs, embarrassed and afraid.
God has heard, remembered, is faithful.
He speaks:
“Is anything too hard for the Lord?”
Child of laughter arriving,
borne of promises and joy.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Berry Picking Bliss

We took a trip to the Berry Ranch yesterday and enjoyed a hayride and all the berries we could handle! Many of the berries will be divided up for delivery to our CSA customers. It's our first delivery of the season with so much leafy green goodness to enjoy: kale, head lettuce, rainbow swiss chard, spinach, turnips, and radishes!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Great Kitten Rescue

We don't need anymore cats, we don't need anymore cats, we don't need anymore cats...
Oh! Excuse me, just reciting my mantra for the week...

Yes we have rescued three more kittens who seem to have lost their mommy.

We'll try to give them away (any takers?) or get them fixed and make them our rough, tough, mouse-wrangling barn cats.

That is if Zach will allow it. He looooves the kitties. Especially the grey one he named Hot Rod. He plays, sings and dances with the kitties by the hour. Poor things. There is such a thing as too much love, I think.

We tentatively named the other two Peaches and Tiger.

Oh and news update on our Christmas kitty... ummm, gender mix-up, not a girl. Also no longer named Libby Cutie. He shall henceforth be named Mario. After Mario Kart Wii, that is.