Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What me? Crafty? Not really.

That's why I turn to the Crafty Crow for EASY ideas to keep my kids busy. Some of their activities are so easy that even my craft and creativity challenged self can accomplish them. That's really saying something!
The Crafty Crow also features many crafts that go WAY over my head but I just ignore those and pretend they don't exist. Then we are all happy.

Here's what we did today. Nothing earth shattering but entertaining nonetheless.
First, the paper tearing craft. Just draw a picture, tear up some colored paper, and glue it on. Pretty hard to get this one wrong.
Second, the Bathing Babies activity. Just fill up a tub with warm, soapy water, put it outside and see what happens.
Note my daughter's expression on her face. This is serious stuff here and she is going by the book.
It started out pretty tame and then the dinosaurs showed up. And the cars and trucks. And the Village People construction hat.
Then a giant baby crashed the party. It was all over after that.

What's really great is that my kids thought I was the best and coolest mom ever for coming up with this stuff. Shhhhh, don't tell them any different okay?

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Barn Felling?

I've heard of a "barn raising" before but what do you call it when your neighbors help you tear one down? Can you "fell" a barn like you "fell"a tree? Is it a barn demo party? Does anyone know?

As you may recall this hay structure was in bad shape when we moved in (see here), but after a recent string of windstorms it was ready to come down any second. Time to call in Neighbor Earl. He knows how to do everything.

Check out this demolition video. It went down more quickly than we expected. The kids and I had front row seats (at a safe distance of course)!

Afterward the kids got a real treat! Neighbor Earl gave them their first ride on a four wheeler. They had a blast while I, of course, waited anxiously for their return. That's what mom's do. Except for country moms who allow their eight year olds to drive around by themselves. Scary.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Heart Surgery

Dr. W finally called today and wouldn't you know it, I missed his call. Arrgh. He kindly left a detailed message though.

There is apparently some debate among the doctors about what course to take and they will continue to discuss N's case during a teleconference next Monday. The bottom line is everyone agrees that the coarctation of the aorta needs work (maybe balloon angioplasty) but there is debate about the necessity of doing open heart surgery again to improve the sub aortic area.

Yikes. I figured the balloon dilation was likely but really wasn't expecting to go through open heart surgery again.

I would love prayers of wisdom for the doctors, a healthy outcome for our girl, and peace for this anxious mommy.

Thanks friends.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Fashion Forward Farm Kids

All I can say is that we are lucky they have clothes on at all. Au naturale is the costume of choice.


How Does our Garden Grow?

Our garden is growing quite well, especially the weeds. Yes, the weeds are flourishing, I have to give them an A for effort. The most prolific are "curly dock" which have huge, long roots that will simply re-grow if you pull them and leave them out on the ground and if you leave just one tiny piece of the root in the ground, it will grow a whole new plant. They have survival skills alright.
The intentionally planted parts of our garden have really taken off lately too. We have been picking snow peas, zucchini, crook-neck squash, eggplant, tomatoes, onions, and beets. Yum!

I love tomatillos. They look like miniature paper lanterns. I don't know much about them except they are used to make salsa verde.
Okay, true confession time. I don't think I have ever eaten eggplant. Are they good? How do you cook them? Their flowers and fruit are gorgeous, I just don't have a clue what to do with them. For now, Joel is selling them to his coworkers.
We have a few broccoli plants that made it. Note the happy weeds in the background.

Mmmmm. Onions!This is one of the few loofah plants that survived the Memorial Day storm. I really want to try drying them for sponges. I just think that is so cool.

This is not the best picture but it's the best my old camera can do! We steamed some Swiss chard and lightly stir fried zucchini, garlic, basil and onions tossed with fresh tomatoes and topped with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Oooh baby!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not Until Next Week

Late yesterday, after leaving another message, the cardiology office called us back. Apparently there were not enough doctors available on the 14th to do the teleconference with OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University) to discuss cases so they rescheduled for Monday the 21st. Would have been nice to know don't you think? At least I don't have to feel tied to the telephone for the rest of the week, waiting for it to ring. They gave us the name and number of the Pediatric Cardiology Nurse Coordinator of Surgery Scheduling (that's a mouthful) who should be calling us after the teleconference.
So, that's all I know.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Still No News

After spending a day on edge waiting for a phone call, we still do not have any news about N's MRI results. Maybe no news is good news. Hopefully we will hear something tomorrow.

I should have been posting much more on this blog lately but I simply do not have the motivation. I feel tired and drained without one shred of creativity in my being. It seems that day to day I can't seem to accomplish more than the basics without feeling exhausted and I am feeling the impending dread of summer coming to an end and going back to work.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quick Update

We had such a great time with our families last week up in Washington. We had "front row seats" for the fireworks from my parent's house and we went to a fun 4th of July parade. We also spent a morning out at Grandpa Bob and Moon Grandma's farm and later visited great-grandma. I think the kids stored up lots of fun memories!

We still don't have the results of the MRI. We did get a call from Dr. W's office that he will be reviewing N's case with colleagues on July 14th. He should call us back soon after that. Ugh, more waiting. I'm trying not to worry!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"You mean like on vacay? Let's all go! ROAD TRIP!" (name that quote!)

Yes, yes we are outta here as of tomorrow a.m.! Granted, we're going to the same place we always go to visit family but I'm excited to get out of town and enjoy the 4th with the fam. We just made the decision to go a few days ago so we're just throwing it all together at the last minute. But what's new about that?

N's MRI went well yesterday. We don't know the results yet as her cardiologist is out of town. His office said he would review the information and give us a call possibly today but I think it's getting a little late for that. Hopefully we will hear soon. The doctor who did the MRI said he was able to get some excellent images which is good news.

N handled the whole thing beautifully given her history of anxiety and attachment issues. Sunday night during her bath N let loose a barrage of questions about the MRI, especially the IV. Then she said in a quite grown up voice, "Mom, do you want to know why I'm asking so many questions? It's because I'm scared of the needle and I want to know all about it." I was so proud and impressed by her ability to articulate her fears. This is a HUGE step for her. In the not so distant past she would have melted down into a raging tantrum without using any words at all except for a well timed "I hate you" or "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!". She also said something really sweet, "Mom, while I'm asleep I'm going to have nice dreams about how I love you and about flowers and hearts and rainbows". My heart melted completely.

Getting the IV was quite traumatic (for me too as I had to restrain her and listen to her screaming while trying to blink back my own tears) It was definitely the worst part. Her "sleepy medicine" was something called propofol (sp?). This was some good stuff, quick to sleep, quick to wake up. She had virtually no side effects except some dizziness afterward. Thirty minutes after the MRI she was wolfing down a huge lunch at Chili's. This was a far cry from her reaction to the drug they gave her during eye surgery two years ago (yeah, another surgery, poor kid). She came out fighting and then threw up.

Joel and I couldn't help cracking up when she came out of the MRI because every time she looked at one of us she would say, "Hi Daddy!" or "Mommy!" with a huge smile, acting very surprised. She did that at least 10 times. It made me think of "Ten second Tom", the guy with short term memory loss in the movie "50 First Dates". I know some will think we are sick, sick people to laugh at our poor girl but we couldn't help it!

So... keep praying that we will get the results soon and have a happy and peaceful "vacay".

For those who don't know or haven't googled it yet, the title quote is from Legally Blonde.

I know, there's no accounting for my taste in movies.