Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Planting Time Again

We are getting spring fever around here! Joel built his long-dreamed of mini greenhouse and the planting has officially begun! It may look a little redneck (note the well placed satellite's gotta go somewhere) but it's a heck of a lot better than last year's setup in my dining room! The exciting thing is that most of the materials were reused, from the windows that were taken out during the remodel to the boards from the torn down hay barn (check out the drama of that moment here). He used egg cartons to cover the vent spaces and as seed planters. The only things he had to buy were the corrugated plastic sheets and the cement corner pieces to hold the frame in place.

In another stroke of genius I suggested the hanging shelves as a space saver.

It was a dad n' son operation this year.

I'm a Genius

I just taught my 6 year old daughter to use the back arrow button on the computer and she promptly said, with great admiration, "MOM, you're a GENIUS!".

I always knew I was good for something.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Baby Girl is 6 Years Old!

School Party! My big kindergarten girl was so proud!

The Hello Kitty Birthday Party!
Snow White also made an appearance! ;0)

"Wuv, Twu wuv will wast fowever"
The Hula Hoop Girls

The very cool and funky (and delicious) strawberry cake made by our talented friend Rhonda!

First Time Bowlers

The kids had their first experience with bowling a few weeks ago and they had such a good time!

I typically abstain from the sport since looking like a complete idiot while I lose every game is not high on my priority list. Do I sound scarred by past experiences? Perhaps...

Joel on the other hand used to be in a bowling league so he was uniquely qualified to teach our children the finer points of bowling, like how not to display plumber butt.

All joking aside, I love watching my kids experience something new and feel successful. I would take them again, even if that meant having to play too!

We went with our good friends Rob & Erin and their little sweetie pie daughter (I think my son has a BIG crush on her!).