Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Another Great Kitten Rescue

We don't need anymore cats, we don't need anymore cats, we don't need anymore cats...
Oh! Excuse me, just reciting my mantra for the week...

Yes we have rescued three more kittens who seem to have lost their mommy.

We'll try to give them away (any takers?) or get them fixed and make them our rough, tough, mouse-wrangling barn cats.

That is if Zach will allow it. He looooves the kitties. Especially the grey one he named Hot Rod. He plays, sings and dances with the kitties by the hour. Poor things. There is such a thing as too much love, I think.

We tentatively named the other two Peaches and Tiger.

Oh and news update on our Christmas kitty... ummm, gender mix-up, not a girl. Also no longer named Libby Cutie. He shall henceforth be named Mario. After Mario Kart Wii, that is.


Marcie Sleeth said...

The kittens are cute. Too bad I am at cat/kitten capacity. As for your gender mix up on your Christmas kitty, that is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. :)

J said...

Jen, these pictures are absolutely precious. The first one could definitely be entered somewhere. Zach is so sweet. As for the gender mix-up, how did the kids take it? Are they traumatized at all? :o)

Hilty Sprouts! said...

I'm glad our plight is good for a laugh Marcie! lol ;0)

Jen, No trauma fortunately! They took it in stride. They were like, "Okay, can we name him Mario?". But they still say "she" instead of "he" a lot. It is funny!