Thursday, January 7, 2010

Two Lisa Leonard Designs Giveaways

My favorite jewelry designer is having a giveaway on her blog as well as the Walk Slowly Live Wildly blog. Leave a comment for your chance to win a $50 gift certificate or postcards, photography book and...

this necklace

Last year Joel bought my favorite Lisa Leonard necklace "Be Still". I love to wear it!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Right Brain or Left Brain, Which One Do You Prefer?

I have a mini-obsession with online quizzes, especially if they can tell me something about myself like personality traits and spiritual gifts. So here's another good one, a creativity test that helps you discover if you are more of a right brain or left brain thinker. I figured I was heavy on the left brain side but was pleasantly surprised that I have more right brain characteristics than I realized. It gives me hope that there is some measure of creativity in me after all!

Btw, I found the link to this quiz through my friend Tonni's blog. She has a really funny post on how random and right brained her children are. I could totally relate! My kids, especially Zach, are very creative and very messy!

In case you are wondering...

...we are fairly certain that our cat is a girl so we have agreed upon a name!

Introducing Libby Cutie!

Joel surprisingly came up with Libby, considering all of his obnoxious entries prior to the winning idea. This was one of the names that I vetoed when I was pregnant but now sounds perfect for this little fur ball. Cutie was our concession to Zach who reallllly wanted that name and wouldn't stop whiiiiiiining until we caved. You gotta pick your battles! Thankfully Noelle was content with the choice of Libby or it might have gotten a little out of hand! Could you imagine calling, "Here kitty, kitty! Here Libby Cutie Butterfly Sparkles!"