Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Farm with a View

Here's another taste of the lovely views surrounding the farm. These are the mountains at the west end of the valley. I love that we are surrounded by mountains. I imagine that we are going to have some amazing sunsets and I really, really want a new camera to capture the beauty.

This is the 10 acre view! There is a fence waaaaaaay out there at the property line but you can't see it in this picture. That's a lot of dirt!

Here is our leaning hay structure? I don't know what it's really called; I am so not a farm girl! My dad is highly amused that I will be living the country life. He recently asked me if I am going to invest in a good pair of overalls and a pitchfork.

What luck, we have a hen house! Seriously, Joel has been talking for years about keeping chickens and selling the eggs. I'm a little nervous about chickens but receptive to the idea. Joel's brother and his girlfriend have chickens and will help us with the details.

Here is a shed. That's about all I have to say about that. Well, except that it houses myriad piles of junk that we will have to clear out.

Okay, deep breath. Just look at the mountains and don't stress about all the junk to clean up and remodeling to do over the next few months. Lord, we are gonna need some patience and long-suffering!


Angie said...

Hi Jen, it's Angie (Becky's sister-in-law). I just stopped by to check out your site. It looks like you have a pretty awesome place. I can't wait to see the after pictures. You should stop by my blog if you get a chance. My family has grown since you last saw us. :)

Erin S. said...

How exciting!! It will be fun watching the transformation of your proporty. Plus, Madeline will learn where eggs come from besides the sticker-man-store (Walmart).
Erin S.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen! Just stopping by to say hello! What a pretty view!


amber said...

What a gorgeous view! It makes up for the work ahead of you!

And I have to tell you how easy chickens are to raise. There is NOTHING like home-grown eggs!!

I loved the updated pictures and can't wait to watch the transformation.


Anonymous said...

Jen--you are so brave. Just don't get discouraged. A few months may be a few years. Just have fun and post lots of pictures. We will all suffer with you and rejoice with you too. We have chickens and nothing is easier. You just feed them, gather their eggs, and use their manure for your garden. (No better fertilizer. They wander all day eating bugs out of your yard and then go in on their own to roost. Sally and Roy from Omak.

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