Thursday, May 22, 2008


In nearly every neighborhood we have lived in God has given us good neighbors. There was Eric & Evonne, Ted & Natalie and now we have Liz & Earl. It is so comforting to know that just next door or across the street or down the lane there are people who will watch your back, feed your dog when you go on vacation, and loan you tools (Joel has borrowed LOTS of tools, but he always returns them...eventually). Our new neighbors are no exception. They are good, solid people who have given us a warm welcome, helped us cut down dead trees, and given advice on remodeling the house and irrigating our fields. They also have a daughter who loves to babysit (if only we had time to go on dates). Now don't get me wrong, there have always been the not-so-good neighbors (the music thumping, snowmobile revving at 11 p.m., speed racing, chain smoking in front of our house type neighbors) but so far so good here.


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Good neighbors are the best!! Glad you like yours!

Becky said...

I'm glad you are happy! I love seeing the pictures of your kids running around and enjoying being free of city life. : )

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