Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Conscientious Consumer

I made a really cool discovery while I've been home sick this afternoon (my voice is completely gone which is a sad state to be in for a speech pathologist :0)).

Okay, so my cool discovery is the Better World Shopper database. This site is awesome and will become more so as they increase their research base. Hundreds of companies and products are rated based upon several factors (environmental impact, human rights, animal friendly, etc.) and a "grade" is determined. The gist of it is that as consumers we have the power to make change through what we buy and who we choose to buy it from. I completely agree with this and have been trying to do my part by purchasing organic foods, natural cosmetics and body care products, shopping secondhand as much as I can, and even making a few household cleaning products of my own.

The Better World Shopper gives me the information I need to make more informed choices with my cash. Alongside the Skin Deep database that I mentioned in a previous post, the Conscious Consumer Marketplace and Amazon Green, I am set!

Now, if I can just learn to plan ahead so I don't have to make those last minute purchases at a certain store that shall remain nameless (otherwise I will get in trouble with Recycling Man). Birthdays and holidays are the worst for me in that respect. They always sneak up on me somehow even with emails from birthdayalarm.com. I see the email and nearly always think, "Oh, I have plenty of time", then time goes by and I forget until it is almost too late, necessitating panic shopping.

Must work on this.

Check it out, it's never too late to become a more responsible consumer!


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

gonna check this out! thanx

recycling man said...

Come to the light those who live in the SW part of Boise...you know who you are...

Daiquiri said...

Hey! Love the new blog look!

I'm a last minute shopper too. I'm trying to get my Cmas shopping done early this year though, because I want to do it all on line and have it shipped directly to WI, where we'll be doing the holidays this year. With $15 per bag checked on the airlines these days, it's extra motivation!

Becky said...

Who lives in there Recycling Man? I don't know anyone who lives there, do you?

Jen~ I love your blog's makeover. I miss you and hope you feel better.

Recycling man said...

It will remain those who shall be remain nameless. swoooooosh

You have gotten slow since you became a BUS Donkie fan

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