Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Scoop on the Poop

**Update** The poo is clear, no E. coli here! Hooray!

I never thought this would be a title for a post on my blog!

We don't have official lab test results yet but Z has not had any further symptoms and N has never shown any at all. Their pediatrician did not think that they had E. coli but wanted us to go ahead and get them tested just to be sure. Unfortunately, Joel's poop collecting methods were not ideal the first time around so I had the enjoyable task of scooping the poop with an official collection kit on Saturday. So pleasant! I can't complain though, it was definitely my turn to do it. Hopefully we will get the results tomorrow.

I'll keep you posted on the poo chronicles!


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Anonymous said...

Ahhh.. the joys of motherhood! I'm glad the kids seem to be okay.

:) Marisa
BTW, I love your playlist!