Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Decision Made

Several weeks ago we made the decision to have our sweet girl's surgery at Seattle Children's Hospital. What is still unknown is exactly what procedure will be done and when. We had another echo cardiogram done a couple of weeks ago so the Seattle team could make their decision based on the latest data. Bottom line, the echo shows us that Noelle's heart is getting slowly but progressively worse as she grows (nothing new here) and down the road she most likely will need a valve replacement (this was a new and rather scary discussion). It has been nearly a year since the MRI that confirmed the need for another surgery and I am growing weary of the wait and all the unknowns. I just want to get it done and over with so Noelle can just be a normal kid and we can make normal summer plans.

On a side note, after watching her cousin at gymnastics practice a few weeks ago, Noelle has been begging to start gymnastics next year. We have seen more jumping and twirling and cartwheel attempts than ever around our house. The tough thing is that I can't guarantee her that she can do gymnastics until we know the results of her surgery. Her cardiologist has never restricted any of her activities up to this point but on our last visit when I asked him about gymnastics he didn't exactly say no but he didn't say yes either. It may seem like a minor thing but it made me feel sad that there was a possibility of things she will not be allowed to do in the future. As a parent I don't think anyone wants to limit their child's dreams in any way. We want to tell our kids, hey, the sky is the limit, go for it! I hope we can continue to say that to our special girl!


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Praying, Jen. What a tough thing to have to deal with. I think the unknown factor makes it even more so. When is th surgery?

strandfam said...

I have wanted to check out your blog for awhile. I will be praying for precious Noelle. I know the upcoming surgery must be so hard to think about, especially since she is old enough to understand more now. May God give you all that you need. We will be lifting each of you to Jesus.
In His love,

Chelsea said...

I didn't know that Noelle's condition was requiring another surgery. I'll pray. So hard to have our little treasures deal with anything difficult, especially something like this. Looking forward to future posts of your unbelievable "garden" (really a farm!)

Daughter of the King said...

I know this is hard for all of you especially with the unknowns. I will pray that sweet Noelle can do cartwheels across your yard soon, and so much more. Give her a hug from us and tell the rest of your wonderful hi. Missing you, thinking of you and lifting you up to Him who can do exceedingly more than we can imagine.


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