Monday, June 22, 2009

Learning Another Fiber Art

I love the term "fiber art" it makes my attempts at being crafty sound so much more legit!

Since I had some success with learning to knit this winter I decided to tackle crochet this week. I found two good websites with video tutorials and free patterns here and here.

Crochet was a bit easier for me to learn, maybe because I have already taught myself to knit. It also seemed faster. I have made two washcloths so far and am anxious to try a few more simple projects.

One thing I have shied away from with both knitting and crochet is anything that requires determining gauge. It just sounds so intimidating and although all the websites say that finding gauge is essential, it still feels like a waste of time. So, I have not made anything yet that requires a good fit or needs to be particularly precise. I suppose as I practice more and gain confidence I will begin to take on more difficult projects!

The most enjoyable aspect of learning to knit and crochet has been the sense of satisfaction I feel making useful and beautiful things with my own two hands. It's also a big time stress reliever! I wish I had learned years ago.

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