Friday, November 6, 2009

R U Ready to ROCK!!!!

We went to the Skillet concert for Joel's birthday and they were amazing. Skillet puts on such a good show! Inspiring, passionate music that freakin' ROCKS! The only downside was putting up with the obnoxious moshers on the floor. Perhaps I'm a bit too old for the mosh pit you say? Nah, it was totally worth it to get up close!

And thanks to our dear friend Becky, we had an awesome, kid-free date night!

Because we are super special (and paid lots of extra money) we earned the dubious title of "VIP" and as such were herded like cattle onto the floor to participate in the Q&A session. Interesting, but hardly worth the extra cash, not to mention the 45 minute loooong wait outside in the cold. I felt a bit like a NSVIP (not so very important person)! Joel and Zach actually got some face time with the band on Friday morning at a meet n' greet at the Red Letter Book and Cafe. Zach got a t-shirt signed by the band and Joel said they were quite impressed with Z's curly locks. I just asked Z what he liked most about meeting Skillet and after a thoughtful pause, his response was, "They gave me a high-five!".
This girl was an incredible drummer!
And this guy rocked the violin!
Who are these crazed Skillet fans???? Our friends, Rhonda & Rob! Rob is a maniac when it comes to getting the best seat in the house! They were right up front and center against the rail. You crazy kids! Thanks for all the great pictures guys!
Here's a little taste of what's cookin' in the Skillet!

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