Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Cold Out on the Farm!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful! Really! It has only been getting up to the 20s during the day and in the single digits at night. Brrrrr. Unfortunately we still have the same heating situation as last year. Our system switches to "auxiliary heat" when it gets below 36 degrees or so and that extra heat source is the expensive oil tank that we decided not to fill this year. So we are operating with space heaters and a nice infrared heater that Joel's mom helped us buy. Even with all that we have to live with the fact that this is a drafty, old farmhouse! Our choice, I know, but the realization doesn't make it any warmer! ;0)
I'm looking forward to a balmy 40 degrees on Saturday!

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Everyday Becky said...

If you ever need a warmer place to sleep, always remember we have a guest bed and your kids have already proven they'll sleep here. : ) I'll be mad at you if I find out you all turned into popsicles some night.