Friday, April 16, 2010

April is National Poetry Month

Here's my offering of the week:

Sky kissed
blossoms of white.
Gently swaying,
love notes from

The Snow Crab apple trees outside my school are in full bloom and brought a smile to my face as I left yesterday. So I sat in my car and wrote this poem. I think the poetry powers-that-be deliberately chose springtime for national poetry month. It's easy to be inspired when the world is in bloom.


J said...

beautiful! Love the line: love notes from Spring time. I have heard that those passages scrawled out before you even have time to think about them, are true words from your heart. This seems to be the case with you!

Hilty Sprouts! said...

Thanks Jen!

Anonymous said...

ahhhh...then Joel trimmed the tree...and BURNT IT!!

ok kidding..very nice "sweetheart"

missy said...

i think it's time to incorporate more poetry in our homeschool.