Monday, December 20, 2010

Verse Novel Challenge!

I did it!

I read 5 verse novels
in the past 2 months.

Now all I want
to do
write and speak
in verse.

I hope it doesn't get annoying,
but I am in love.

Here's what I read in order:
1. Far From You
2. Out of the Dust
3. Heartbeat
4. What My Mother Doesn't Know
5. What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know

Want to join me?
Of course you do!
Drop by Caroline by line
to enter and win a copy
of her new verse novel


Caroline Starr Rose said...

So thrilled you joined and read all your books! I love it when people discover a love for verse novels.

Chelsea said...

Your little verse writing got me more interested than anything!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the song on your blog! Long ago I made a slide show with music for Mary's "story"/first year. For the photos of the moment she entered our life, I played that song!

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Good for you! I just finished, too, and I've also been bitten by the verse novel bug. I know exactly how you feel. :)

Merry Christmas!