Saturday, February 2, 2008

Planting Starts

It's that time of year! Despite all the snow we are thinking SPRING. Today Joel and the kids planted vegetable starts and transplanted those that were already started a few weeks ago. We had some seed packets left over from last year that Joel bought at Lowes. They had a fairly limited selection so we will still need to order from seed catalogs. Don't you just love how bright and colorful the packets are?

First Miss N & Z man helped daddy sort the soil pods onto trays. Water is added to the tray and as the pods wick up the moisture, seeds are pushed into soil. When this is done we place clear plastic lids over the top that act as a mini greenhouse. After the starts are big enough we transplant to larger containers and they will eventually be moved outside and planted in the garden.
N is very serious about her job. She is all business.

Seeds daddy?

Seed pods are creepy don't you think? Makes me think of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

These are basil and oregano starts that need to be transplanted into separate pots.

N & Z love to help daddy with his projects. Sometime I will have to post pictures of them peeling apples for applesauce and placing fruit on the drying trays of our humongous homemade dehydrator.
Look at these sad little tomato corpses. Casualties of the destructive tendencies of my 2 year old.

The survivors soldier on. And they want justice!

He looks innocent doesn't he? Not like a plant murderer at all. Don't let him fool you.

Uh oh. He's beginning to lose interest in our project. Time to start goofing around.
I think the Body Snatchers have already been here. He's not mine, I swear. Time for a break! You people have no idea how hard I work!

N actually deserves this break. She's been working non-stop!

And now for a peek at our little "growing" operation. It's all legal, I promise!
We have a lot more work to do but its a start!


Becky said...

This was such a fun post. I laughed out loud. I am so jealous of your green thumbs over there. I really missed you tonight. Are you going to the Super Bowl party tomorrow? Hope you are feeling better.


lifeabundant said...

Yes, what a great way to spend some of the weekend. I can just smell the basil and oregano - yummo! You can tell that your husband loves what he is doing, he is holding those little seedlings so gently and your kids look like they are learning from him. Yes, last year Zoe destroyed some of my seedlings, she made such quick work of it there wasn't much I could do. I sent you an email last night with several different great organic seed companies. Let me know if you don't get it by this evening and I'll send it again or if you have nay questions. I hope you are felling better from your earache! Talk to you again soon. Blessings, Sarah

lifeabundant said...

Oh and yes the little seed starting pods are kind of freaky looking. Have you seen the old version of "Invasion of the body snatchers"? It was so scary for an old time movie!!! Oh my goodness! Sarah :-)

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