Monday, July 28, 2008

A Barn Felling?

I've heard of a "barn raising" before but what do you call it when your neighbors help you tear one down? Can you "fell" a barn like you "fell"a tree? Is it a barn demo party? Does anyone know?

As you may recall this hay structure was in bad shape when we moved in (see here), but after a recent string of windstorms it was ready to come down any second. Time to call in Neighbor Earl. He knows how to do everything.

Check out this demolition video. It went down more quickly than we expected. The kids and I had front row seats (at a safe distance of course)!

Afterward the kids got a real treat! Neighbor Earl gave them their first ride on a four wheeler. They had a blast while I, of course, waited anxiously for their return. That's what mom's do. Except for country moms who allow their eight year olds to drive around by themselves. Scary.

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