Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Farm House Renovaton: Part 3

After spending three days straight putting up sheet rock, it is almost done! The kids and I tried to "help" but it may have been faster without us. I attempted to make myself useful as gopher-girl, handing out nails, running for tools, holding pieces of sheet rock in place and sweeping the floor. The kids tried to help by getting underfoot, moving the tools to random locations, and keeping up a constant stream of chatter. Despite it all we made progress and had a good time together as a family. Joel is out there again today completing the sheet rock in the master bedroom and scraping the weird crusty ceiling texture off in the living/dining room area. Later this week the "tape & texture" guy (don't you just love my technical terminology?) will finish the walls and then we will paint. I hate painting. It is boring, frustrating, tedious work and I cannot make it look the way I picture it in my head. Choosing colors stresses me out too.We painted one bathroom in our last house a hideous purple and I told myself never again. Well, never say never.

Living room

Kid's Bathroom-- I should point out that we did not install the sheet rock in the bathrooms. I must give credit where it is due! ;) The bathrooms are part of the contractor's bid. Master Bathroom

In the Master Bedroom you may recall the back part of the chimney painted a lovely bubblegum pink? Well, say goodbye, because Joel framed the top of it in.


Look at this shiny new air conditioner! It sure beats the nasty swamp cooler that was out back (see below).

So, after the texture and paint then the flooring people will work on the hardwood floors, carpet and vinyl. Then the sinks, toilets, etc. will be installed. The french doors in the mudroom and the backdoor in the bedroom will also go in soon. As I write this the stucco guy is working on the outside of the house. The only parts of the house that we are not going to remodel right now are the kitchen and mudroom (other than the floors). We'll tackle those two rooms when the budget allows (it might be a while!). We are shooting for a move in date of May 1st which is when our current home will be rented out. Thanks for your continued prayers for our project to go well.



amber said...

Wow -- it is coming RIGHT along! Awesome.

I hate picking out paint colors, too. I tell myself that it's just paint and I can paint over it if I don't like the color... but I never take the time. I just live wih the color that isn't quite what I imagined. :0)

Good luck with the May move-in date!
I'm enjoying your updates and pictures. It's like watching a home improvement show on TV!


Becky said...

There has been so much change! I'm so excited to see it all done.

I'm going to miss you when you guys move. I wish it was closer, but I'll just have to make the drive to get my Jen fix.

: ) Becky

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Wow, it's really coming along!!

Anonymous said...

It smells better me :)

Kidding..its actually starting to smell purdy darn good out there.

Recycling Man

Becky said...

Hey Jen,

I'm doing something fun on my blog a blog swap where people are recommending their favorite books. Have you read any good books lately? Or have some favorites from the past? I know you probably haven't had time to read too much lately with all the hard work on the farm! : )

Can't wait for AI tonight.