Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Life is in Overdrive!

I am a bad blogger! Bad, bad, bad!

Okay, I'm alright now that I got that over with.

I am here. I am alive. I have no time to blog! :(
I do, however, have time to watch American Idol (now you know how I prioritize my life). Did the guys do great last night or what? I was thoroughly entertained and was momentarily transported to another world where there is no work, there are no bills to pay, and no renovation projects. Just me and the boys from AI. ;)
Tonight the girls will perform and they'd better kick some serious butt if they want to compete!

I promise to send pictures of the farm house soon. There's a lot of demolition going on out there and my pyromaniac husband is getting his jollies out of burning up nasty old wall paneling. He is not enjoying chipping away at the old floor tiles in the mud room or pressure washing cat refuse out of the basement. The cats were so desperate to find a place to "go" that they even "went" on the wood shelves that lined the basement walls. So Joel tore them down today and will reuse the wood in the hen house for nesting boxes. Talk about recycling! Do you think the cat stink will bother the chickens?

We discovered this weekend that we have inherited two barn cats and three geese. My children were in raptures over the very hungry kitties who led us repeatedly back to the barn to feed them. Apparently the geese have taken residence at our neighbor Earl's place because he feeds them and he has water on his property. So maybe they are his now? I feel like I am being sucked into some kind of alternate reality like the Twilight Zone or the Land of Oz...
barn cats? and geese? and neighbors named "Earl"? Oh my!

Lastly, Noelle had her 5th birthday on Sunday. She can't possibly be five years old. I am not ready yet (sniff, sigh)! It is amazing though how grown up she is acting this week. It's as if there was some magical moment on her birthday in which she was transformed into a "big girl" overnight.

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Anonymous said...

Burning stuff is cool! Don't knock it until you try it!

If I had my way the cats would be dog food but alas the city girl wins again.

Recyling Man

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