Wednesday, April 2, 2008

American Idol This Week

Okay, I'm about to watch the results show tonight and I just had to get my two cents worth in before I do. I predict Ramiele will leave tonight. Performances that ROCKED last night: David Cook (of course! I think someone is coaching him on how to look more humble, don't you?), David Archuleta (his voice just hits me in the gut, he literally brought me to tears and as some of you know it takes a lot to do that), Michael Johns (very cool customer), and Carly Smithson (as I've said before I swear she is going to be the next Celine Dion). One more thing, what in the heck is Simon smoking? He was just a little difficult to please. In fact all the judges have somehow intensified their "act". It's almost as if the producers have instructed them, "Hey yo dawg, Randy you gotta be kick it up a notch, you're not mean enough. Tell 'em it's pitchy a few more times and that it wasn't great for you", "Paula dear you need to be as spacy and ditzy as possible because you are like a shining star and and you're just YOU, you know and you're in your element and you're so unique and you look just beautiful tonight and you're just staying true to who you are" (ad nauseam ad infinitum), and finally "Simon, we think you need to be extra cranky tonight and we don't think you are using your catch phrases often enough. Really Simon, it's all a bit cabaret, I mean we just don't get it, SORRY, you're going to have to do better than that! Where do you think you are on a cruise ship or in some seedy lounge? Really, Simon tsk, tsk!".
I don't know, maybe it's just me!

**Post Results Show**
Things I fastforwarded through: the group performance (double blech), the viewer call-in portion, and Dolly Parton's song (Joel couldn't handle it anymore), and I wanted to fast forward whoever the band was that sang "This Little Light of Mine" but Joel liked it and he had the remote (I plugged my ears).
Things I watched: The results of course, Idol Gives Back promo (absolutely heartwrenching), the silly Ford commercial, AI alumni (I forgot how much I liked Phil Stacey last year), and Ramiele's final performance (she sounded better tonight but Joel thought she looked like an Ewok from Return of the Jedi).
Things I wish I could erase from my memory: Paula's shirt. Enough said.
Best thing about the show tonight: Jesus got some serious air time!


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Becky said...

Hey, we called it!

You are so funny. Great immitation of the judges! That's exactly what they were like last night.

As much as you and I are so much alike, we are so different in so many ways. : ) I CRANKED the volume during the 9-5 group song and sang along with them. I loved it. : ) But we all know what a dork I am. (Please no comment from Recycling Man)

I didn't notice Paula's shirt, but I'm going to back and watch again to see.

I know I keep saying it, but I just wish I could love David Archuleta. There must be something wrong with me. : (

Michael Johns was awesome, huh?

OK...enough of a novel from me.

Love ya,