Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Farmhouse Renovation: Part Six, A Brief Update

This is Jennifer with the latest, up-to-the-minute news here on Hilty Sprouts. Yes, yes I'm a geek, this is well established territory... ;0). I was just emulating Bridget Jones on "Sit Up Britain", she's my role model you know. Anyway, I digress...

1. Looks like red won at the polls (thanks to all 8 of you who voted! I'm grateful, not bitter. Nope, not at all. Too many cooks in the kitchen, you know, not a good thing!). If you checked the comments at all you will have discovered that recycling man leaked the final result of the Great Paint Debate...RED. It is actually quite lovely and vintagey and by golly, I like it. There I said it. Pictures are forthcoming. Someone (me) forgot to bring the camera all weekend long.

2. What's done:
a. rooms painted, check (the door and window trim has primer, WHAT a pain).
b. bathroom counter tops and vanities installed, check, check.

3. This week's schedule:
a. Wednesday: vinyl flooring (kitchen & bath).
b. Thursday: the oh so important plumbing! No mo' "po' potty"!
c. Friday: master bedroom carpet.
d. Monday: final seal on wood floors.
e. Ta da! Then we move in!

The End (for now).


amber said...

Geez... you guys are amazing! Way to go on all the progress.

I voted for red... so now I feel like I've won! (Hee hee... it's that competitive side coming out in me!!!) :0)

Can't wait to see more pics!


Becky said...

This is so exciting!

Your viewing audience DEMAND pictures. Or I guess I could drive out and see for myself, huh? : )

Anonymous said...

Ditto, with what Becky said.
Curious if you are using any environmentally friendly vinyl/carpet/paint/wood sealer etc.

Erin S.