Monday, April 14, 2008

Farmhouse Renovation: Part 5

Look at these GORGEOUS, SHINY, BEEYOOTIFUL wood floors! Hooray! It is the coolest thing to start with a house that has the nastiest, cat pee smelling carpets you can possibly imagine and then find the beauty within. These floors were there the whole time just aching to be revealed!

This is the area that had to be replaced. You might recall the mysterious holes drilled in the floor. I have no idea why they were there but they're gone now! Decisions, decisions. Okay, here are the colors we chose. Very light blue called "breathless" (hee hee, that just sounds funny) in the bathroom.
The office is chocolate brown. We were craving chocolate pudding when we painted this room. Really, I could almost taste it, I felt like licking the walls. This color is a diet killer.
We cannot decide what to paint in the living room! We had reached a compromise with yellow (I wanted to stay neutral like a sand, tan, brown, etc. and Joel wanted red or orange. Now neither one of us likes yellow in this room. Ugh! Back to the drawing board. We had some friends come out to visit us on Sunday and they sided with me on the great paint debate. What color do you think we should choose?

We tried two shades of green in the master bedroom and we went with the lighter shade. It's a very happy color. I felt good every time I walked in there. About ten minutes before this picture was taken we noticed the telltale signs of a poopy diaper when Z walked by. However, he insisted that he get "one more minute mommy" to finish up so we let him wander off to do his thing. This is how we found him. It must have taken a lot out of him! I swear the kid will do anything to avoid a diaper change. Potty training has been temporarily suspended out at the farm because Z is scared of the "Po' potty" as he calls the portable throne outside. I prefer "po' potty" over "honey bucket" which is my husband's charming term of choice. Boy, I never thought I would talk this much about bodily functions in a blog post but I have covered cat pee, poopy diapers and porta-potties in one fell swoop. Please forgive me. ;0)


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

Wow! It is really coming together! love the new floors. we are going to take up our carpets, hoping to find a treasure!

amber said...

Oh, I LOVE the floors!! They look amazing!

Great colors, too. That dark brown makes me want to go whip up some raw chocolate pudding!! (hee hee...)

We went with a neutral color in our living room (light brown ("cappucino") is the name) and I really love it because I can change up my accent colors seasonally. We have some bold splashes of red right now... but I am getting ready to change it to a spring green ('tis the season!! :) )

Everything is looking awesome. I can imagine how excited you are about finally moving in! What is your projected move in date?


Angie said...

Your place is looking so awsome! I can't even imagine the work hours that you guys have put into it.

I have a red wall in my living room and LOVE it. It has to be the "right" red. Mine is called Red Brick. I also love neutral colors in living rooms but I have never regreted painting red in mine.

There's my two cents :)Have a great day!!

Kramer Family said...

Sherwin Williams: Portobello...beautiful! I have had many a client ask for this color to be used in their home. (Not sure if you knew I was in Interior Architect?) Usually with that color you can't go wrong. It would be great with your beautiful floors! Just my opinion!

Anonymous said...

Recyling man wins again with red! (shhhh don't tell the boss but it's crimson). If we would have gone with Jen's color sceme we would have been living in a Starbucks coma...

Anonymous said...

An Ode to jen

10 reasons why I love you from the recyling man.

1. You get me
2. You look great in Pig Tails
3. You said yes after 2 weeks of dating
4. You are a building and loan Pal
5. You gave birth to my spawn
6. After 14 years you still have that sparkle in your eyes
7. Your a smart thinker
8. People still think you are quiet and innocent. he he
9. Sing along "Green Acres"
10. Last but not least...drum roll......

You complete me..