Monday, June 23, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Apparently there is an outcry among my many blog stalkers (all two of you) to post current pictures of the house. I have hesitated to do so up to this point because it would require me to make an effort to pick up all the clutter that grows exponentially every time I turn around. However, just to please you, I will take you on a virtual tour. Buckle up.

The Good (what I wish the house looked like for more than five minutes):

The Bad (what it looked like before I cleaned up for pictures):

The Ugly (what I didn't even bother to clean up and the projects that need to be done):

There you go. Are you happy now? You should be, you made me clean my house. Well, some of it.



Daiquiri said...

Wow! It looks so warm and cozy and just plain homey (blue tape and all!) :)

Thanks for showing us!

Your friendly blog stalker,

Anonymous said...

I thought leaving the tape off would be a better lesson. Alas she wins again

Becky said...

Oh yay! Thanks for the virtual tour. I want a real life tour soon!

It does look so warm and inviting. I can't believe it is the same house. You've made it a home!

Love ya,

amber said...

You are a brave woman posting "before cleaning for the photo" pictures!!! :0) (although, for the record, none of your rooms were nearly as bad as my bedroom is right now!!)

I LOVE the red color in the living room. TOO COOL!!!

Everything looks great. Hard to believe it's even the same house as when you started!


Abbey said...

Your house looks good. Definitly different than the other pictures. I love your bedding. I think I almost bought that bedding. Anyways, looks good. Have a great day. Good luck with the MRI.