Friday, August 8, 2008

Family Visit Part One

We had a great visit from Joel's brother, Uncle Beau, and his lovely girlfriend, Jessa. We absolutely adore these guys and couldn't wait for them to get here this past weekend. The kids were literally jumping up and down with excitement! Their ENERGETIC dog Baker came with them and became fast friends with our lazy old dog Kasey. There is a story behind my use of the word "energetic" that involves shake n' bake Baker inadvertently taking me down to the ground in all of his excitement--would have made a great picture I'm sure!
Due to Uncle B's generosity we now have a freezer full of organic meat (chicken, beef, sausage, turkey) that he brought from the Coop where he works. Then they gave us the best gift of all...a day of free babysitting!!! We hardly knew what to do! We figured it out pretty quickly though and got the heck outta dodge. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Uncle Beau and Jessa!

There is more to share but my kids are breathing down my neck right now so I'd better wrap it up. They like want my attention or something! What's with that?

Here are a couple more pictures that capture the special bond between our kids and their beloved Beau and Jessa:


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amber said...

Great pictures!!

My kids LOVE their uncle and auntie... there's just something great about an energetic couple without children to spoil your kids! :)


P.S. I checked out Joel's blog, and I'm looking forward to following along... his comments are always so dry and sarcastic -- his blog should be GREAT! :)

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