Friday, July 17, 2009

Advertising Works

My daughter loves As Seen on TV commercials and it is driving me crazy! Nearly every day I field requests for things like Crazy Art, Bendaroos, and Chixos girls.

Her current favorite is the Bumpit, a strange device that looks like some kind of mousetrap but is apparently designed to give you Tracy Turnblad hair. In Noelle's words, "Mom, I need a Bumpit so my hair can be so big and bumpy too!".

Now she doesn't just think about products that she needs but she thinks of others as well. She is so unselfish that way! She tells Zach that he really needs the gravity defying race cars and her daddy needs the Tool Band-It.

Just this morning she very seriously asked me, "Mom, have you ever thought about using Space Bags? Look the layers of plastic protect your blankets and clothes and squish them down!".

Oh boy.

Perhaps we need to limit TV time a little bit more!


Jaime Hardin said...

Crazily enough, I know someone who owns a Bumpit and she LOVES IT! Noelle would be the coolest girl in 1st grade with her Tracy Turnblad (spelling?) hair :)

Erin S said...

Me too! M knows how to pause the TV and she will say, "Mommy, come see, the TV has something to tell us...look Bendaroos, you can use them in the car or at a restaurant." She paused once to show me something for my dry feet. Guess they can't watch PBS forever.

Hilty Sprouts! said...

Oh, and I forgot that her comments invariably end with, "It's only $19.95, mom! That's not very much money right?", hint, hint!


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