Monday, July 20, 2009

Busy Bees

Yesterday, while I was weeding in the garden, my kids were fascinated by the bees buzzing happily around the bright yellow zucchini flowers. They talked excitedly about how bees like nectar and how they makes honey. I didn't think much about it when they wandered off toward the house.

The next thing I knew, they ran down the hill with straws in their hands and told me that they wanted to drink nectar from the flowers too! So they bent down, poked their straws in the middle of the flowers, and tried to suck the nectar out! I started laughing so hard when Noelle looked at me so puzzled and asked, "Why isn't it working?".

They disappeared again into the house and when I walked in later I found that they hadn't entirely given up their quest for nectar. On the table I saw the honey bear with the lid off with two honey covered straws on either side! I thought it was so funny and smart that I didn't even care about the mess!


Annie said...

I just LOVE your two kiddos! I seriously cannot wait to meet them! And I do think that they would be fast friends with Matthew ... oh the adventures they would have!!!

Loves to you all!

Sally Jo said...

Karissa and I had a good laugh! Sally (grandma).

Chelsea said...

Two innovators...just like their parents!!

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