Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Vacation Part Two- 4th of July Parade

We made it to the Johnson Parade again this year. The kids had so much fun and had definitely honed their candy collection techniques with the help of their grandmas!
As usual, anything goes at this parade!
We saw the Peace Band again with a few new uniquely dressed members.
Horrors! Next came the "MAN EATING CHICKEN"! Oops, I mean the man, eating chicken.
What parade would be complete without GI Joe and White Trash Barbie?
Grandpa Bob proudly took his turn on the tractor. So did my parents' neighbor! He was busy reloading his homemade, mega squirt gun from the water tub attached to the back of his tractor. Yes, there are many spontaneous water fights that break out during this parade! It's tradition! And yes, we did get wet!

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