Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer Vacation Part Three- Fireworks!

Our kids have seen fireworks before but this year was their first experience wielding the flames themselves. They were so serious at first, standing stock still, sparklers at arm's length, with eyes as big as dinner plates. Eventually, with Joel's help, they both loosened up a bit although it must have been difficult amid the chorus of both mother and grandmother shouting out, "Don't run with those! Give your sister some space! Don't burn yourself! Don't poke your eye out!", etc.
I was glad to see them having so much fun. Really, I was!

Of course then a couple days later the mommy guilt set in after reading an article online about how dangerous it is to let your kids play with sparklers. To paraphrase, the end of a sparkler is hotter than burning wood or melting metal and as a good parent you wouldn't let your kid play with those other things so why the heck are you letting them use sparklers???

Can't anything be fun anymore? Oh well, my kids were well supervised and they had a blast! So there!

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Daiquiri said...

Fun - love that last shot! :)

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