Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Can I still win mom of the year...

...if I forget to pick up my daughter at school?

Better luck next year, you think?

In my defense, I was really busy at work and distracted and forgetful and... yeah, those excuses didn't work on Noelle either as she stared at me reproachfully and said, "Mom, you forgot me didn't you?".

On a more positive note, after a tearful farewell this morning Noelle did end up having a good full day of 1st grade. Her favorite part? Lunch. Her least favorite? Not getting to play at recess yet. That's my girl!

1 comment:

jessa and beau said...

we still think your fabulous. a true hero. we´ll make you a ¨supermom¨ t shirt when we get back!