Friday, July 18, 2008

Fashion Forward Farm Kids

All I can say is that we are lucky they have clothes on at all. Au naturale is the costume of choice.



Daiquiri said...

Ha! I'd love to point my finger, laugh, and blame it on being 'country kids'...but I fight to keep clothes on mine too :) One of Sammy's most loved (and most used) phrases is, "Hey Mama, I nakey!" (sigh)

Sweet picture :)

Becky said...

They're so cute, it doesn't matter what they wear. I'm just glad to see them out enjoying their new place and freedom.

BTW- eggplant is easy to cook with. It's pretty good- actually I think it is pretty tasteless but adds good texture and fiber to recipes. There are tons of recipes that call for it. Seeing pictures of your beautiful produce makes me want to start eating better again. : )

Hope to see you tonight. Praying for good news next week for N.


Anonymous said...

thank God your son looks like you and not your husband...

amber said...

Ahhh yes... clothes seem to be a luxury that my kids would rather pass up in favor of good old-fashioned bareness. :0) It's not so bad until the UPS truck shows up!!! We should post a warning sign about our budding nudist colony on the driveway.

I loved all the pictures in the last post. "yum" is right!!!!