Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Heart Surgery

Dr. W finally called today and wouldn't you know it, I missed his call. Arrgh. He kindly left a detailed message though.

There is apparently some debate among the doctors about what course to take and they will continue to discuss N's case during a teleconference next Monday. The bottom line is everyone agrees that the coarctation of the aorta needs work (maybe balloon angioplasty) but there is debate about the necessity of doing open heart surgery again to improve the sub aortic area.

Yikes. I figured the balloon dilation was likely but really wasn't expecting to go through open heart surgery again.

I would love prayers of wisdom for the doctors, a healthy outcome for our girl, and peace for this anxious mommy.

Thanks friends.



Daiquiri said...

Oh Jen...

I will definitely be praying.

Love you,

amber said...

Obviously I'm behind on checking in -- and I am sorry that the verdict included possible open heart surgery. I will DEFINITELY be praying for wisdom for the doctors who will be making the decisions... and peace for you.


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

JEn, Will be praying....on an off topic note, we read the same books!

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