Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"You mean like on vacay? Let's all go! ROAD TRIP!" (name that quote!)

Yes, yes we are outta here as of tomorrow a.m.! Granted, we're going to the same place we always go to visit family but I'm excited to get out of town and enjoy the 4th with the fam. We just made the decision to go a few days ago so we're just throwing it all together at the last minute. But what's new about that?

N's MRI went well yesterday. We don't know the results yet as her cardiologist is out of town. His office said he would review the information and give us a call possibly today but I think it's getting a little late for that. Hopefully we will hear soon. The doctor who did the MRI said he was able to get some excellent images which is good news.

N handled the whole thing beautifully given her history of anxiety and attachment issues. Sunday night during her bath N let loose a barrage of questions about the MRI, especially the IV. Then she said in a quite grown up voice, "Mom, do you want to know why I'm asking so many questions? It's because I'm scared of the needle and I want to know all about it." I was so proud and impressed by her ability to articulate her fears. This is a HUGE step for her. In the not so distant past she would have melted down into a raging tantrum without using any words at all except for a well timed "I hate you" or "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!". She also said something really sweet, "Mom, while I'm asleep I'm going to have nice dreams about how I love you and about flowers and hearts and rainbows". My heart melted completely.

Getting the IV was quite traumatic (for me too as I had to restrain her and listen to her screaming while trying to blink back my own tears) It was definitely the worst part. Her "sleepy medicine" was something called propofol (sp?). This was some good stuff, quick to sleep, quick to wake up. She had virtually no side effects except some dizziness afterward. Thirty minutes after the MRI she was wolfing down a huge lunch at Chili's. This was a far cry from her reaction to the drug they gave her during eye surgery two years ago (yeah, another surgery, poor kid). She came out fighting and then threw up.

Joel and I couldn't help cracking up when she came out of the MRI because every time she looked at one of us she would say, "Hi Daddy!" or "Mommy!" with a huge smile, acting very surprised. She did that at least 10 times. It made me think of "Ten second Tom", the guy with short term memory loss in the movie "50 First Dates". I know some will think we are sick, sick people to laugh at our poor girl but we couldn't help it!

So... keep praying that we will get the results soon and have a happy and peaceful "vacay".

For those who don't know or haven't googled it yet, the title quote is from Legally Blonde.

I know, there's no accounting for my taste in movies.



soontobebarlows said...

The lettuce was amazing!!!!!! I can't wait for the veggies and pumpkins!!!!

Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

I am so glad everything went well with the MRI!!

jessa said...

Even though we are so bad about calling (and I have not fulfilled my email promises)- we are thinking of you guys all the time! I feel like I dropped so many balls while I was in school over this past year...I am hoping that you and I can reconnect again. I received your photos just recently and it was such a treat to take the walk through your recent adventures. I can't wait to hear more about how it has all been going. We are so impressed with your ambition and all of the things you guys have been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time. I can't believe that you are able to do it all! It is hard for me to imagine...especially with the added stress of worrying about Noelle's heart. She is such a strong and special girl. We are anxiously awaiting your news from the MRI.
I have been meaning to get on here every day since school got out and now I really wish that I had before today, because I would have known that you guys were headed to E.Wa and we could've met you there. :( Maybe this time it was for the best, but we are both looking forward to seeing you guys soon...
Strength to you and Much love, Jessa

amber said...

Hope you're having fun on your vacation (that is, if you're still on it... otherwise, hope you HAD fun.)

Glad to hear that the MRI for Noelle went well... I'll be checking in a little more faithfully than usual (what can I say -- it's summer!) to find out what the results were... I hope everything is okay!