Monday, February 4, 2008

This is what we get for thinking SPRING!

We had another snowstorm dump a few more inches on us yesterday. Our hopes for spring were dashed yet again, boo hoo! ;)
This is the worst winter we have had in the 8 1/2 years we have lived here. Most winters we are lucky to get an inch of snow and it usually melts later in the day. Despite the snow Joel still has carrots he digs out of the garden. Yum!
I'm not sure why I took this picture. I just thought the fire hydrant looked cool covered with snow and I was impressed with the size of those snowflakes!
Do you think we should have put the Sit N' Spin away for the winter? Oops.
Today we have sun and beautiful blue skies. There is still hope!


Becky said...

This post made me laugh so much because of the perspective difference. I keep telling people we have had the BEST winter in 8 years. I've always hated our winters since I moved here and thought that I had moved to the Banana Belt. I keep thinking since they say that this is finally a normal winter, that we have hope for the winters ahead. I keep getting shocked to find out people feel differently. : )

Dan, Nikki, Ellie and Colton said...

Joel told us about your blog when we saw him at church. We've enjoyed reading about what you've been up to and Dan is jealous of your land!
We've recently started a blog too, you'll have to check it out.
I saw "Once" a couple weeks ago and I loved the music!

amber said...

We have a LOT more snow than usual this year, too...
Every time I start wishing I was out in my garden, I remind myself of all the times in the summer that I wish there was snow on the ground so I could be inside reading! :0)


lifeabundant said...

Oh wow you did get snow, I'm sorry. Your house looks lovely covered in it though! I can relate to the "Spring is almost" here dashed hopes. But it really is close, just keep the faith and keep those seedlings inside where it is safe. What is happening with the farm these days? (Oh and about your "Anne of Green Gables" question I have actually only read the first book, but I have made up for not reading all of the books by how many times I have watched the movies - I grew up on them and own them now - My sister and I watch the very end of "Anne of Avonlea" when Gil finally gets to kiss Anne about 4 times in a row any time we watch it. I really should read the books though - hey maybe I should do that while I am waiting for all our snow to melt). A die hard "Anne" fan, Sarah

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