Saturday, February 16, 2008

Safe and Eco Friendly Cleaners

My good friend Becky asked me about household cleaners that are safe to use and do not have a strong fragrance. I was just going to email the info to her but then I thought, why not share with everyone else? You see I'm very generous that way. :0)

These are all products that I currently use and like.


I just found surface cleaning wipes to replace my Clorox Wipes! I have found it hard to give them up because they are so convenient for spot cleaning in the bathroom but today I finally found Method surface wipes at Target. I have heard that they existed somewhere out there but have never found them. It's weird the things that I can get excited about! I almost did a little dance in the aisle at Target. Well, no not really, but I thought about it, for a second. Anyway, check it out here . Wow, this picture is really big.

DISHES- Biokleen Lemon Thyme Dishwash Liquid

I really like biokleen products

Most of them have a citrus scent which is one of my favorite smells in the world next to cinnamon, hazelnut candles, and Body Shop's vanilla spice body butter. Mmmm. Besides how good they smell, Biokleen products work really well too.

Seventh Generation Automatic Dishwashing Detergent

I have tried several dishwasher detergents and you know what? It is really hard to find one that doesn't leave spots and really gets the crusties off the dishes. So far I like this one best


Ecover Cream Scrub

This stuff is great for toilets and sinks and I just discovered on the Ecover website that it is good for stainless steal too. It cleans without scratching.

Seventh Generation All Purpose Surface Cleaner

This one works for counter tops and tables. I have the orange scented one but I couldn't find a picture of it.


Biokleen Bac-Out Stain and Odor Remover

My only disclaimer for this one is that it has a very strong scent for you ladies with delicate sensibilities. Men too, I wouldn't want to discriminate against my vast male readership.


Citra Clear Window Cleaner

Citrus again! Do we detect a pattern here?

Biokleen Laundry Detergent with Non-Chlorine Bleach

I REALLY like this detergent.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Fabric Softener

This fabric softener has a geranium scent (not citrus, but I do make exceptions now and then) and it really does work. I have tried other eco friendly fabric softeners that were just not effective and the scent didn't last. I really like fresh smelling laundry.

One more thing about laundry, I have not found an eco friendly stain removal product. If you have one you like please let me know!

I can buy all of these products at Fred Meyer. I haven't done a price comparison for those of you who are super thrifty. You're on you own there.

Happy Cleaning!



Anonymous said...

I hate all cleaning products :)

They are over rated just like Boise State Donkeys

Hilty Sprouts! said...

Okay, just so everyone knows...the OBNOXIOUS anonymous comments are from my wonderful husband of 14 1/2years. Please, disregard! ;0) My deepest apologies!


Anonymous said...

Its only been 14 years? Out flows a deep and tired sigh.

he he

Becky said...

What an obnoxious man "Recycling Man" has become! : ) I will not succumb to his depths and respond to the BSU comment. : )

Thanks for the help with the cleaning supplies! You know I'll have to bargain shop for them, though.

I'm excited to hear how your farm closing goes today!


amber said...

I really love Method products... I use some Seventh Gen and Ecover, as well, but I love the scents (and price) of Method!! :0)
Loved your reviews!!! Very helpful for products I haven't yet tried...


amber said...

Oh, and I have to say that your anonymous commentor is REALLY obnoxious.

Ha HAaaa :0)
Just had to say it!! He totally deserved it!!!


Anonymous said...

To Amber...

When you get to 14 years you will understand.

Webesters Dictonary

Snow boarding- Sport created for humans who don't have the natural ability to fall on one's face in the snow without the aid of artificial devices.

{Epic powder}

"Do you know the street value of that snow"?

Quote from "Better off dead"

Hilty Sprouts! said...

R.M. has his own "special" dictionary, "Webesters".


amber said...

Is it the anonymity that brings it out in him?? Or is he always like this???
Actually, my sarcastic sense of humor is appreciating the comeback. Touche. I think he must have tried snowboarding at some point in the past!

I think it's high time for Anonymous (or, is it Recycling Man? Who gets to chose the hubby's blogger handle anyway??) to get his own blog... or at least to post something on your actual blog page -- instead of just lurking on the comment page...

Hilty Sprouts! said...

Belieeeeeeeeve me he is always like this! Part of why I love him, he can make me laugh!
I told him he's been challenged, we'll see what comes next...