Sunday, February 10, 2008

Where the Wild Things Are

The wild things are here, at my house. I'm not sure what I ever did to deserve this. They have taken over and I fear for my sanity! This is my cry for help!

Conspiring against us no doubt.
Party animal. Hmmmm. Perhaps he's not so bad after all. Kinda cute really, maybe I'll keep him around.

"My Little Pony"

Total exhaustion.
Peace at last.


lifeabundant said...

What great costumes, your kids look really cute and like they had lots of fun! Hey I tagged you yesterday, so out with your weirdness confessions. Thought you might like to join in on the tag fun. :-) Hope your week is going well! Sarah

Hilty Sprouts! said...

Thanks Sarah! Believe it or not I actually had nothing to do with it! They came down the stairs so proud that they had gotten all dressed up in their costumes by themselves. They had waaaaaaaaay too much fun.


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

I have a picture of my Ella in that same lion costume on my blog....I'll be they had a great time!!

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