Tuesday, August 18, 2009


WOW! We are getting discharged later today! Noelle's anticoagulation level is really close to the goal so they feel comfortable letting us go with daily outpatient blood draws to continue to check her levels. Hopefully we can get plane tickets for tomorrow or the next day. In the meantime we will stay at the Ronald McDonald house.

So, to sum up, Noelle will go home on blood pressure, anticoagulation and pain meds. We will also need daily blood draws for a while at a local anticoag clinic (about a 30 minute drive for us).

I am so excited and hyper that I don't even need coffee this morning! That's saying a lot!

Now I just feel silly about last night! Oh well.

Btw, for those of you following on facebook, here's a pic of the famous, much longed for PINK BALLOON!!


Everyday Becky said...

Yippeeeee!!!! Come home! Anytime you don't want to make the 30 minute drive, you both are welcome to stay here. Love ya!

Annie said...

Don't feel silly about last night!! You're her Mama and you should feel like protecting her, and helping her, and doing all that you can to love her. It's your JOB! ;0)

Happy beyond belief for the Hilty-Jones fam!!! YEAH!!!

Chelsea said...

Jen, such great news!! We prayed for you all at our ladies' bible study last night. What a great outcome! What a strong little girl (and Mama too!)

Sally Jo said...

So glad she will be home soon! Sally

Nikki Hoover said...

So great to see a picture of her smiling! Have a good trip home.

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