Saturday, August 15, 2009

Long Night

It was a long night with my poor, cranky little girl. She just couldn't get comfy for long and sleep eluded both of us. It really bugs her that she can't get out of bed, can't get up to go potty, can't take out all the tubes and wires, and can't play with her friends!

I'm so tired today but really enjoying some quality time with my little Zman at RMH. We got to play outside, eat snacks and watch videos. Good normal stuff! Feels good.

I haven't had chance to ask Joel how rounds went this morning so I'm not sure what the official plan for the day is. Hopefully Noelle will be moved to the peds floor if they can just get her weaned off drip blood pressure meds and regulate the blood thinner.

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Anonymous said...

Joel, Jen and family,
Covering you all in prayer!
ruth williams

Go Cougs!!!!