Friday, August 14, 2009

My Determined Girl

Anyone who knows Noelle can tell you about her determined personality. She loves to be in charge and she wants to know about everything and everyone around her!

Here are some nuggets of Noelle from yesterday:

After she came out of sedation and her breathing tube was out she asked me if her heart was still open. When I told her no then she yanked up her gown and said "I want to see it now! I want to see the scar! I want to see the tubes!!!".

She often asks me "How many IVs do I have? Where are all of them? What are they for?".

She knows who she wants too! Yesterday she said "I want my daddy RIGHT NOW!" followed by a very impatient, "and where are all my grandparents?".

Ha ha, that's my girl! She's in better spirits today. We aren't hearing the words "right now" following every statement anymore.

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