Saturday, August 15, 2009

Making Progress

I got to watch Noelle's chest tubes come out tonight which was very interesting and a little bloody (I'm glad it was me and not Joel, he hates that kind of stuff). Noelle was given some good pain meds before they did it but as usual she fought against it and wanted to watch what they were doing to her. It did hurt a little bit but she was so brave. Her catheter is out too and now she is sleeping peacefully with her daddy watching over her in the ICU. I am fairly certain that she will be moved to the peds floor tomorrow.

I am about to enjoy a blissful night's sleep at RMH curled up next to my little boy.

***I have to give props to my hubby! He watched the nurses take out two of her IV lines this morning (sunday)! Nice work! ;o)


Everyday Becky said...

I couldn't get on the Internet yesterday for some reason. I was happy to be able to read your updatees today. I hope you got that restful sleep you were hoping for last night. Love you!

Rob, Julie and Mya Tiegs said...

I'm so glad we're not neighbors anymore! Congrats on getting moved out of ICU! Hopefully we're close behind!
- Rob, Julie & Mya

Chelsea said...

So glad to hear good news! Praise God! Boy, your little girl is really a fighter!