Friday, August 14, 2009

Having a Good Day

My Noelle girl is napping peacefully right now after a good morning. She has been much less agitated and more comfortable so far. She even asked to play with toys (although she fell asleep before we could bring them to her). She has also been eating and drinking a little bit.

Today's plan is to wean Noelle off the drip blood pressure meds and onto an oral one. She had one blood pressure pill this morning with her yogurt and it seemed to be helping. As soon as they get her off the drip then she can go down to the peds floor, possibly tonight although tomorrow morning is more likely. They won't be taking out her chest tubes today because she needs to drain more. Her catheter may come out later today. Heart rate and temperature are great today! We just have to get that blood pressure under control!

Each thing they pull out or take off of her is cause for celebration in my book! It is so good to see her looking more like herself.

Uncle Beau and Jessa are taking care of Zach today so we don't have to worry about keeping him busy. I miss him so much though! Yesterday he had a blast at the Woodland Park Zoo with grandparents, cousins and Aunt Genia. Our family has been so awesome, supportive and truly helpful! We are so blessed. Auntie Anna and Uncle Matt stopped by too! Most of the fam is leaving today so I'm praying for safe travel for them all!

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